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When You First Met

What do you remember most about when you first met your husband or wife? Other than the physical attraction, what impressed you?

Was it his or her zest for living? Integrity? A great sense of humor? That love of learning? His or her leadership skills? Or sense of responsibility for the poor or the environment or the members of his or her team?

Was it surprising creativity? Great kindness or generosity? An ability to get along with everyone and talk easily with anyone?

Did you admire bravery in the face of danger? Awe in the face of natural beauty or great art? Modesty or piety?

Were you taken aback by his or her gratitude? Spirituality? Efforts for justice? Self-control and discipline?

Or was it the ability to persevere until each goal was met? Great curiosity about things and experiences? His or her open-mindedness? Wisdom that came with different perspectives on problems? Or enduring optimism in spite of setbacks or obstacles?

Are your lives set up to allow your partner in life to continue amazing you with this ability? Are they set up to allow you to impress your mate with your own?

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