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I Have a Favor to Ask

Top-Ten-Marriage-Blog-2011.pngIf you have a moment between now and Sunday, December 4th, please visit the Stupendous Marriage website and vote for this blog as your favorite during 2011.

The form is below the list of finalists. You must provide your email address, select your favorite from the drop-down list, and use the Send button to send your vote to Stu Gray. The ten annual winners are always widely shared with marriage educators around the US and the world.

You get just one vote, despite all the wonderful blogs in the list of finalists. I hope you will cast it for Assume Love.

And then go check out the other 47 finalists. You might discover some great new sources of support for 2012.


I did it... I just voted for Assume Love!

Thanks, Lilian! Much appreciated.

I voted for Assume Love

Thank you, Cherie!

Congratulations on the nomination! I'm new to your blog, but from what I've seen, you deserve it!

I just voted for Assume Love!

Thanks, Barbara!

Thanks! I love what you are doing with your blog. What a great way to strengthen your marriage.

With great pleasure, I just voted for you! I love your blog. You always have such interesting topics, and you write from your heart, with such wisdom and warmth.

Many thanks, Andrea!

Hi Patty- I just voted for you! I am new to your blog, but I have seen over and over again how awesome and helpful you are on Barbara Sher's forum boards. Good luck!!

Thank you, Kimberly. I hope you enjoy the blog!

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