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Date Night Ideas for Geek Couples

Date nights can really help a couple with children or busy work schedules maintain the close and stimulating relationship of their dating days.

To get the most benefit from a date night, schedule it in advance and create souvenirs while you enjoy it. Both give you more opportunities to savor your time together. And savoring helps it compete better with your negative thoughts about your marriage when you are apart or at your wit's end.

Here are some ideas for geek date nights or date afternoons:

  • The free-admission Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington's Dulles Airport.

  • A concert or special show in a planetarium like the Adler in Chicago, Montgomery College, MD, University of Texas at Arlington, ECSU in Elizabeth City, NC, or the Sudekum in Nashville.

  • Buy the latest video game you both agree on and play it for the first time together, in a luxury hotel room or an inexpensive fall timeshare rental overlooking an ocean.

  • Spend an evening sharing your good thoughts for your spouse through the selection of video titles in your On Demand or Netflix menu.

  • Use some free online smart phone app creation tool to build an app for just the two of you, with your photos and a way to send each other kudos or kisses. Then go walk the boardwalk or take a hike in the woods, so you can phone each other while you have more fun together.

  • Cook a candlelight dinner for the two of you, starting with recipes from Cooking for Engineers. Can you borrow a pair of Bunsen burners or stick the candles in a pair of beakers?

The idea is to celebrate who you two are, to see each other at your best or delighted with something, and to create memories worth revisiting years from now. So, if you are not geeks, these are probably the wrong ideas for you. I hope, though, that they encourage you to picture the two of you immersed in whatever passions you share.

Please share with us any unusual date nights that brought joy to you and your partner in life. If the Comments form is not visible below, click on the title of this post to go to a page where it will be displayed.

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