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When You Get Married

When you get married, pay close attention to all that is good and right about the person you choose. Pay close attention to the ways this wonderful man or woman makes you feel great about life, about love, and about yourself.

Your new husband or wife will someday reveal weaknesses, envy, selfishness under stress. Those will be temporary. The goodness, the integrity, the honesty, the justice, the creativity, the grace, the playfulness, the loving, these are what will endure and what will see you through those difficult days. Never lose sight of them. They are the heart of your marriage.

When you get married, choose well. Look beyond looks and money and status. If you are going to vow to do anything for life, love is a great choice.


If your tall beautiful wife with beautiful face finds herself in weel chair with her beautiful face parched up tomorrow, as the husband will you send her back to her mother or marry another wife?. If your handsome tall rich huby finds himself poor and in weel chair tomorrow, as the wife what are you going to do? So think well befor you enter at first as marriag is beyond physical:D:*

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