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Valentine's Day - 5th and 82nd Anniversaries

Today is this blog's fifth anniversary, a huge occasion for me. I am so grateful to you for being a part of it.

On this wonderful day, I also want to say Happy Anniversary to Winnie and Marshall Kuykendall of Lordsburg, NM. Today is their 82nd wedding anniversary. Their only child, a daughter, has been married for 56 years. Now, as Worldwide Marriage Encounter's poster children for their Longest Married Project, they inspire all of us.

Thanks to the Silver City Sun-News for sharing the Kuykendall's story with us.


Congratulations, Patty! I love your blog.

I frequently want to send links to friends who -- based on marriage complaints they've shared with me -- might benefit. But I worry that they might respond defensively, particularly because your blog asks people to look at their *own* attitudes and behavior rather than their spouses'. I wonder if you or other readers have ideas about how to share this great material in a way that helps people be open to it.

On a mundane note, the RSS feed on Yahoo seems to be stuck on postings from 3 months ago. ??

Here's hoping you stick with this for another 5 years!

Thank you! How kind, Roodle.

If they tell you about something their husband or wife has done or said, you might send them to this post as an introduction to Assume Love:

I think it's a great way of saying, "I care about you" without helping them drift further away from their life partner.

I have had this Yahoo RSS feed problem with several other blogs, but my own Yahoo Assume Love feed works. I will research the problem and see what I can fix from here.

I will continue to check for an answer, but for a quick fix, use My Yahoo's +Content button to add this alternate RSS feed, which Yahoo is keeping up-to-date:

Congratulations! What a special Valentines Day. I was challenged to by The Rock Your Marriage Challenge for our Valentines Day experience. It was amazing!

I think..

it's a great way of saying, "I care about you" without helping them drift further away from their life partner.

Thanks, Jamie.

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