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What Would You Miss?

If your marriage is like most, there are things about your spouse that upset you. Because they upset you, you spend more time thinking about them. Guess what this does to the quality of your time together?

Want better? Mentally go through the next 24 hours of your life. What would you miss if your spouse were suddenly no longer in it? No divorce. No splitting up your assets. You have full custody of any kids and pets. And Prince Charming or Snow White have not yet shown up.

Not enough to make you ache for your mate? Try going through your favorite day of the year, whether it's Christmas, your birthday, a sunny vacation day at the beach, or a lazy Sunday at home.

What would you miss?

And what can you do to encourage more of this from your husband or wife while you are fortunate enough to be together?


As irritating as he can be at times, I'd miss his companionship, sense of humor, skills as a handyman, willingness to pitch in to help anyone, and unquestioning support of my work.

He encourages me to write stories about my family and his, even though he prefers to not have to read all of it. I'd miss how his face lights up when I share some good news with him and his welcoming hug when it's bad.

Thanks for prompting these thoughts. It helps to appreciate what we have.

Oddly enough, I would miss him "pushing my buttons."

And I just told him so!

Beth and Becci, thanks for these great examples.

I would miss him getting up with our kids on Saturday morning so I can sleep in!

I would miss how he knew exactly what I wanted in bed. Surprisingly few men really know anything about sex.

I would miss his cooking.

I would miss how he organizes our social lives. If it were up to me, we wouldn't have one.

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