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Favorite Date Nights for the Happily Committed

What's your favorite? What sort of morning, afternoon, or evening with your partner in life helps strengthen your bond or increase your desire for each other? What gets you excited to be together again? What makes you happy you chose the person you're with? How do you take the ordinary out of being together for so many years?


We tend to have 'date afternoons' as well as date nights. The afternoons will usually be we walk into town(around a 45-minute walk, plenty of time to talk), have lunch(usually at a really nice pizza restaurant we like) then go and watch a movie.

Date nights usually involve our son going to stay at his grandparents, a couple of bottles of wine and just enjoying each others company. Again, we sometimes watch a movie or have a nice meal.

We keep things pretty simple, but it works for us :)

Both sound wonderful, Liam. Lots of time to be with each other without distractions.

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