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At the suggestion of a wonderful, caring reader, I added a new link to Assume Love this past weekend. Now you can receive Assume Love by email.

Remember to watch for the confirmation email. If it shows up in your Junk folder, mark it as from an address you want to receive email from. Then be sure to click on the confirmation link in the email, so we know it was really you who entered your email address in the form. Your free subscription begins immediately.

If you have other suggestions for improving Assume Love, please let me know.


Hi Patty, we spoke last year, you interviewed me in the UK for a course you were preparing on marriage and entrepreneurship. Thanks for the invite to subscribe; I'm needing this voice in my ear at the moment!

Thanks for all your wise and encouraging words


Thanks, Tracy, both for subscribing and for your help with developing Enjoy Being Married When You Take the Self-Employment Plunge (

looking for a long and lasting relationship ;-)

Me, too, Joselito! Thanks for making my day.

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