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Merry Christmas and Thank You!

I know some of you are celebrating Christmas today (me, too!) and some of you are not. I am so grateful for every single one of you, whatever you are doing with this day. Thank you for reading what I have to say about marriage. Thank you for giving me the chance to just maybe bring some extra depth or delight to your marriage.

No snow this year, just a cold, sunny day. Like yesterday, when I spent three hours in the car singing along with radio Christmas carols (thanks, Philly's 92.5 XTU and NJ 101.5!). Join in if Jingle Bells is your thing, too.

I was on my way to the cemetery where husband #1 is buried and back home again to dinner with husband #2, renewed by the reminder of all I promised myself 25 years ago.

There is no time for resentment, no time to waste trying to change someone when we could be loving who they are and receiving all they have to offer us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Rest of Your Marriage!


My girls all loved the video... They're having 'puppy party' with their 29 year old sister. This consists of giving the maltese, yorkie, and border collie puppy baths while watching 'Christmas Movies' and hoping no biological accidents occur.
I just packed my in-laws off to their day job as Managers in a manufactured home park in Sacramento which is the subject of my post. My mother in law grabbed and kissed me by the car and said," Let nothing take your joy from you today or any other day! 'I no longer will' she said, because there is so little time for anything to rob us of those who are right here, right now". Her man, my wife's father has beat lung cancer so far for 18 months and she has used that to learn to pass on the petty irritations and to assume joy that is here each waking moment. It about knocked me over.
Merry Christmas,
Jon Eric

People sure can surprise you, can't they? Thanks for sharing this.

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