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When Spouses Grow Boring

Husbands and wives grow boring when we stop discovering new things about them. Some of us think we would prefer they get out and try new things to keep us interested. The rest hope they spend more time at home, where they would surely be more interesting than at work or working on that hobby of theirs. The real difference between boring and interesting spouses just might be us.

Here are some very interesting things about husbands and wives:

  • How they chose their first best friend

  • What they would say if they were invited to dinner with the chairman of the corporation they work for, used to work for, or hope to work for

  • How they felt and why on the one day in their life they believe they were at their very best

  • What painter or songwriter they would like to meet and what they would ask

  • Why they chose their college major

  • What cheerleading or gymnastic moves they remember from high school

  • Where they would go if they had 24 hours and $24,000 and you at their side

  • What song or rhyme they most enjoyed as a child

  • What they do when you take them to a place likely to fascinate them

What have you discovered about your spouse this week?

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