When Spouses Grow Boring


Husbands and wives grow boring when we stop discovering new things about them. Some of us think we would prefer they get out and try new things to keep us interested. The rest hope they spend more time at home, where they would surely be more interesting than at work or working on that hobby of theirs. The real difference between boring and interesting spouses just might be us. Here are some very...

Spontaneously Boring Spouses


“My husband never plans anything fun. If we take a vacation, travel to visit family or even go out on a date, it’s because I came up with the idea and made all the arrangements myself. If I left things to him, we would never do anything unless we could do it right now, right here, in whatever clothes we’re already wearing. And it’s not just him. Most of my friends avoid...

Boring Marriage Teleclass


Following up on my July 29th blog post, my Enjoy Being Married teleclass on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 will be When Marriage Gets Boring. We will look at what we can learn by assuming love when we feel bored, how expecting love can bring back excitement, and tips to help us look for third alternatives to the choice between boredom together vs. pursuing our own interests separately. The teleclass...

Married and Bored? Don’t Talk about It


This morning, I read a newspaper columnist’s response to a woman who’s become bored with her 19-year marriage. The woman can’t see any way out of her boredom except to divorce. Unfortunately (or perhaps very fortunately), she could afford to divorce only if she wins the lottery or lands a rich boyfriend, because they are in debt. The columnist suggested she talk to her husband...

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