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3 Tips for a Much Happier Marriage

Seems about time to summarize what I learned when my first marriage died. I learned three really key things that help me enormously in my second marriage. They have also helped a lot of other husbands and wives rediscover the best parts of their marriages.

  1. When you find yourself distressed by something your mate does or fails to do, Assume Love.
  2. When you find yourself needing more than your marriage provides, Expect Love.
  3. When you disagree with your mate, Find Third Alternatives.

I am doing a free teleclass on how to Find Third Alternatives on Wednesday, October 5, 2011. The time is 6pm PDT / 7pm MDT / 8pm CDT / 9pm EDT.

How frustrating is it when you realize the two of you are on opposite sides of a decision? There is a way to an agreement, not a compromise, but an option that will please you even more than winning. It's called a Third Alternative, and this class is all about how to find yours.

To receive email notices of all of my upcoming teleclasses, and to get the phone number for this one, please add your name to my mailing list at


Hi Patty,

I came across your blog and wanted to reach out because I am the Communications Specialist at the VIA Institute on Character. We offer the free VIA Survey of character strengths that has been taken over 2 million times by people all over the world interested in learning what is best about themselves. I'm wondering if you would like to let your readers know about the survey? We also have a blog that you might be interested in checking out I look forward to connecting with you to learn more about your mission and goals!

Kelly, I frequently mention the Survey here. I'm sure my readers will enjoy the blog, too.

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