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45 Marvelous Marriage Blogs and a Chance to Vote

Best Marriage Blog NomineeAssume Love is one of 45 finalists for the Marry Blogger Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2010 list. Voting continues through December 14th.

While I hope your vote will go to Assume Love (#37 on the list), you may want to check out the rest of the finalists, too. Some of my other favorites include:

Project Happily Ever After, the story of Alisa Bowman, who was almost out the door when she found her way back and discovered what it takes to enjoy being married

Better Husbands and Fathers, with lots of tips from Eric for date nights and learning to be a great dad

The Power of Two, a wonderful accompaniment to Dr. Susan Heitler's great book on communication in marriage

And, of course, The Marry Blogger, Stu Gray's blog on how to have a stupendous marriage, which is not on the list because it's his list

My thanks to Stu for rounding up so many great blogs about marriage and to you for voting for Assume Love by December 14th, if you will be so kind.


Thanks Patty for including on your list!

We're doing everything we can to help couples across the country get the marriage help they need.

- Jacob

Great stuff, Jacob! Wish I had gotten help like yours way back when.

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