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7 Ways to Get the Sort of Gifts You Love

For those who don't get excited about receiving gifts, giving them can be a chore. Worse yet, gift-giving can become a no-win trap, one in which they are certain to disappoint someone who matters a lot to them.

Here are seven ways to have more fun this month if you love giving and receiving gifts but your spouse doesn't:

  1. Create a wish list and make it easy for your mate to find.

  2. Find a designated shopper your spouse can turn to.

  3. Invite your spouse to gift wrap an invitation to something he or she would like to do with you.

  4. Cultivate friends who share your love of gifts and find a different tradition to share with your partner.

  5. Wrap up a few things you would love and let your spouse choose which to give you when.

  6. Pick something you always love that your husband or wife can give you ever year, like Godiva chocolates or your favorite fragrance.

  7. Encourage your beloved to create coupons you can exchange for help with your computer, car, housework, or errands.

What's the most unusual gift you've ever received from your mate?


I wish I had this list for my last marriage. Gift giving was *always* an issue. He liked getting gifts, I didn't. And you're so right when you say it becomes a chore and a trap (I was always getting it wrong!)

I *especially* like tip 6. Perfect for those of us who are both gift-giving challenged and lazy. :)

I know this is an old post, but I just ran across it and had to respond to the question. The most unusual gift I received from my mate was a chain saw, tied up in a red ribbon for Valentine's Day. I know some people would find this odd, but I was delighted because it was exactly what I wanted! (I like to do yard work.)

I love it!

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