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10 Things You Should Not Expect from Your Spouse

In tonight's Enjoy Being Married teleclass, I'll be talking about how to get more of your needs met (without cheating). Key to this is knowing what's reasonable to expect from your husband or wife and what's not.

Here are ten things you should not expect:

  1. Vacations that involve being in a bass boat at dawn

  2. Weekly tile grout scrubbing

  3. Even one foot rub

  4. A clean diaper on the baby when you finish your bath

  5. Trash removal before it stinks

  6. A home in the best neighborhood you two can afford

  7. Home-cooked meals

  8. Love notes in your laptop bag

  9. A hug at the airport

  10. Thoughtful birthday gifts

What's the point in being married then, you ask? Call in tonight at 9 pm EDT for the answers or check back here next week.


I don't know. Being in a bass boat at dawn is not only an expectation I have, but almost a requirement for me. Okay, a dream, a fantasy even. Surely there's a man out there who shares that expectation?

The difference between a requirement and an expectation is that you have no interest in being married to someone who is otherwise wonderful but does not meet the requirement. An expectation is when you choose to marry the guy but put him down for being himself instead of who you imagined he would be.

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