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World's Worst Marriage Advice

Need some marriage advice to help you through a disagreement? Mine would include this:

Stay away from!

What in the world are the anonymous folks behind this new website thinking? It's the "Isn't My Spouse Awful?" game taken to a revolting new level: invite everyone on the web to take sides in your dispute. Instead of resolving your differences and honoring the wonderful person you chose as your life partner, pile on a whole heap of hot, stinking "proof" that the two sides you've chosen up are your only available options, and one of you doesn't have the smarts or decency to choose it.

Please, please, please don't do this to your marriage. There is almost always a Third Alternative that beats, hands-down, the two you are fighting over. Here are a few past posts on how to find them:
Third Alternative for a Disagreement over Collecting Too Much Stuff
Third Alternative for a Disagreement over Weight Gain
Third Alternative for a Disagreement over Design of a New House


I am in total agreement about that website. I am amzed that anyone would actually respond to it, let alone find any value.

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