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10 Bogus Excuses for a Crappy Marriage


Here they are, ten really lousy excuses for the two of you drifting off to an “irreconcilable differences” divorce. 1. My Husband (or Wife) Won’t Let Me Really? You feel free to decide whether or not to stick to those vows you made, but you have surrendered the decision to take a job you want, sport a different hairstyle, try skydiving, or meet your friends after work? Find a...

Stop! Before You Communicate Anything…


Pay attention to Steven Stosny’s wonderful advice about using at home the communication techniques you learned in the therapist’s office or in a book. In Marriage Problems: How Communication Techniques Can Make Them Worse, Stosny writes: Early in your relationship you chose to feel connected, just as, if you’re thinking about communication techniques now, you’re choosing...

Today at 3 Eastern: One Roast Vegetable


Please join me today at 3 pm Eastern (2 Central, 1 Mountain, noon Pacific) when I do a guest teleclass for the marvelous One Roast Vegetable community. Enjoy Being Married: How to Turn Marriage Problems Around in a Flash Sign up at www.OneRoastVegetable.com/market.html right now. On that page, click on the Free Teleclass link. You can submit your questions at the same time you register. And you...

World’s Worst Marriage Advice


Need some marriage advice to help you through a disagreement? Mine would include this: Stay away from www.sidetaker.com! What in the world are the anonymous folks behind this new website thinking? It’s the “Isn’t My Spouse Awful?” game taken to a revolting new level: invite everyone on the web to take sides in your dispute. Instead of resolving your differences and...

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