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Why Be Married? Because Love Matters


Paul McCartney married Nancy Shevel yesterday. It’s got me singing All You Need is Love again today, one of the world’s (and the Beatles’) most touching songs. “All you need is love. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” And what do we need it for? To become our best selves. “Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s...

Why Be Married? Not Alone for Our Own Happiness


“After the open-air meeting the procession reformed and marched back to the chapel, which was filled to the door with a crowd that waited impatiently for the service to begin. The chapel was decorated with evergreens, roses, wedding bells and flags. A solid bank of white and green was before the altar. Above, a huge wedding bell of flowers was suspended. Before the ceremony Mrs. Stillwell...

Why Be Married? To Enjoy Your Lottery Winnings Together


I love this story! Colin and Christine Weir, a Scottish couple with two grown children, now rank just behind David and Victoria Beckham on the UK’s Sunday Times Rich List. Just the interest on their recent lottery prize will give them £5 million a year. According to The Upshot, a Yahoo! News blog, the two have been married for 30 years. They stayed up all night together after discovering...

Why Be Married? To Survive Colon Cancer


Colon cancer patients, male and female, have a 14% lower risk of death if they are fortunate enough to be married when they get this awful diagnosis. This finding, from Penn State University’s College of Medicine and Brigham Young University, compares patients at the same stage of the disease. Married patients also were likely to be diagnosed at an earlier stage. Download my free Why Be...

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Why Be Married? To Be a Great Dad


Fathers matter so much to their children. If you’re reading this blog, I know you care a lot about your marriage. You have no idea how delighted this makes me. Loving your children’s mother is the number one thing you can do for those kids. We moms often think we know best about raising children, but dads are important because they have different goals and different approaches to...

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I am a widow who got it right the second time. I have been sharing here since February 14, 2006 what I learned from that experience and from positive psychology, marriage research, and my training as a marriage educator.

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