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And the Kindle Winner Is…


Rachel Cornell has won the Kindle I offered to the Enjoy Being Married newsletter subscriber who could add the most new subscribers during the month of October. She recruited more than the next two runners-up combined! Rachel was highly motivated. She wrote a blog post explaining why; With Kindle, Legally Blind Can READ (I Want One)! In it, she wrote: “A lot has changed since I broke the...

Marriage Central: Singapore Supports Its Marriages


A news report that 98% of couples in the island nation of Singapore are satisfied with their marriages sent me to a remarkable website, Marriage Central. Singapore is home to 5 million people, making it a little smaller than the Philadelphia region where I live. They speak many languages, come from many parts of the globe, and practice many religions. And lots of them, apparently, reach out for...

Enjoy Married Life More


This summer’s Enjoy Being Married teleclasses are all scheduled now, and we have some really great topics coming up: Less Drama, More Wow! (June 23) If Momma Ain’t Happy…(July 7) Oxytocin and Your Marriage (July 21) Ouch! That Stings! (August 11) Keeping Your Marriage Strong When Money Gets Tight (September 8) Going After Your Dreams, Even the Ones You Don’t Share...

Finding More Love in the Same Old Marriage


How much easier to love someone you see infrequently and only for special occasions: dinners, shows, trips to the beach. Gratitude, respect, patience, generosity? You get them all, simply because your partner prepares for the event, expects a good time, and knows this might be his or her last time with you if things do not go well. Dating has a lot going for it. Of course, your partner expects...

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A Marriage Retreat?


Barbara Sher has me thinking about a marriage retreat. The first, most obvious kind, is a couples retreat. Hold it in some quaint little out-of-the-way town with great bed and breakfasts or a country inn. Or on a warm and sunny island south of here. But I don’t do couples work. I do the-marriage-inside-your-head work. Make yourself happier and enjoy your marriage more work. Aha moment work...

Patty Newbold

I am a widow who got it right the second time. I have been sharing here since February 14, 2006 what I learned from that experience and from positive psychology, marriage research, and my training as a marriage educator.

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