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Teamwork between Partners

Are you good at teamwork? Do you communicate goals and strategies well? Do you dig in and do whatever needs doing? Can you take direction as well as giving it? Do you enjoy a job well done even more when you share the glory with others?

Guess what? Not everyone does. Some love to be a star. Others can't imagine that there might be some other goal or strategy than they one they are dutifully carrying out for the team. Some give direction well but don't cede the position to anyone else. Some take direction well but flounder when it's missing.

And it's not because they are bad people. It's because they were busy developing other strengths while you were learning to be part of a team. Or because their education on being part of a team was under the tutelage of some narcissist or pedophile or bully.

You can expect good teamwork from them and be disappointed. Or you can expect love in whatever forms it is offered and look for ways to combine your teamwork strength with your life partner's different strengths to get things done with a maximum of love, instead of a maximum of efficiency.

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