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Endearing You

Do you know what makes you endearing to your husband, wife, or life partner?

If you do, consider yourself extremely blessed. You know how to pull the two of you closer when you begin to drift apart. (And it's so very much not, "We need to have a talk.")

If you don't know what makes you endearing, why not make it your project for the month of October to find out? Think back to those days when you were falling in love. What sides of yourself did you reveal? What colors did you wear? What did you talk about? What did you eat? What words did you use? What did you do then that made you feel childlike, full of wonder and grace, free to play or pretend, alive and happy? What did you especially like about your mate? What did you say that got a big smile or a relaxed sigh? What gifts or favors or kind words did you offer up?

Try them all over the course of the month and rate each one on a scale from one to ten. If any get a 7 or better, try them again in a few days. If the score goes up or stays at 9 or 10, write it down in your little black book of ways to reconnect.

Expect love. Nobody doesn't like giving love. They just need to be reminded from time to time why they choose to save their love for you alone.

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