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Burnt Peas

How easy it is to get bent out of shape over burnt peas.

There you are, waiting for your dinner, and suddenly you smell them scorching. Once even one is scorched, it's pretty much too late to rescue them. And now the giant wheel of fortune begins its wild spin. Where will it land for you?

  • I feel so bad for my mate. What an awful, last-minute thing to happen while cooking dinner.
  • Oy! How long will this delay dinner? Will we get to the movie on time?
  • How stupid are you, spouse of mine, to put too little water in the peas and to leave them unwatched?
  • Who needs a green vegetable? Let's eat!
  • Are you trying to burn the house down?!! Why do you always try to do four things at once? Why can't you pay attention to what you're doing?
  • Should I go into the kitchen and make sure my beloved is OK?
  • I love my mate's creativity! We must be having blackened peas. Should be interesting.

Here's the thing. Even after the wheel of fortune makes its stop, if the thought it lands on does not improve your relationship, you are free to take another spin.


Thanks for sharing! Love the article. It's very true about the burnt peas.

Every relationship is different and has many different comments.

I love this post. I've found that this all-encompassing phrase that I use whenever there is a burnt peas incident keeps the wheel of fortune from ever landing on anything negative: "It's all good."

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