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"Why am I Just Finding This Great Blog?"

2011 Hot Marriage Blog Award © Liufu Yu | Dreamstime.comWe're sporting another award today, this one a 2011 Hot Marriage Blog Award from The Generous Husband, a marriage blog with lots of good stuff for husbands. As you might guess, the author is married to the author of The Generous Wife. Together, Paul and Lori also write The Marriage Bed, with sex and intimacy tips for married Christians.

Paul writes:

Why Am I Just Finding this Great Blog Award: Assume Love

This is far from a new blog, but I only found it recently. Patty's first post (Feb 2006!) says "When you Assume Love, you give yourself the chance to receive more love by looking beyond your instantaneous, gut-level reactions to events. You pay attention to what you know to be true. You stop yourself from jumping to conclusions. You do this for you, so that you don't miss any love being offered to you." I've been reading bits of her story and her blog, and am looking forward to sharing it here in the future.

I hope you will check out Paul and Lori's blogs, as well as the others that won 2011 Hot Marriage Blog Awards.

Paul, thank you for swelling my head and, even more, for honoring the many people whose visits to this site or opened emails and RSS feeds from here tell me month after month that I should keep writing about this stuff.


Patty, your blog is wonderful! Thank you for your wisdom and great perspective. I'm loving it!

Thank you, Anita!

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