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If Your Love Language is Gifts, This is Your Month

The Five Love Languages illuminate so much of the craziness in marriage. This month, millions will try to buy gifts for their life partners.

Some will give up before they start, utterly baffled by those of us who see love in a beautifully wrapped package of something just for us. Find them standing under the mistletoe, looking forward to the kisses, hugs, back rubs, and sex that say love to them.

Some will get right to it. They love gifts and feel terrific when they find the right one to show their love. They have been collecting gift ideas for months.

Some will offer their own love language, words of affirmation, in handcrafted poems, songs, love letters, family stories, ethical wills, and Voice Quilts.

Those who measure love in acts of service will put their shoulders into shopping or knitting, or building, or baking to present their loved ones with gifts. If it were easy to get the right gift, it would hardly say love in their book.

The ones who thrive on quality time together may scrimp on shopping to spend more time decorating the tree together or singing side-by-side in a choir. They are also the sort to buy a weekend getaway or some lift tickets for the two of you.

If you are going to Expect Love this month, expect that it might come in your love language, but it will mean even more if you see your mate's way of offering love wrapped up along with the gift.

Note: None of the links put any money in my pocket. I just thought you might enjoy them. And there are still three more days to vote for your favorite marriage blog.

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