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How Will You Celebrate Your 50th Anniversary?

Have you thought about this? How will you celebrate your 50th anniversary?

Because you will want it to be in a way that truly reflects who you are and who you became in each other's embrace.

And if you have a clue now what will endure, think what a great time you could have if you weave it into every single year of your marriage.

Who will you include in your 50th anniversary celebration? Will there be music? Dancing? A favorite food or drink? Will there be adventure? Or laughter? Or the beauty of nature?

Will your celebration be frugal or posh? Serene or wild? And what will you wear, assuming it's still legal, of course?

My first husband and I were planning ours when it suddenly occurred to us we had to get married first. As I'm sure you know, he passed away in 1986, but the plan was for May 2023 in whatever was the best amusement park in the US at the time. We hoped we would both still be able to enjoy a Wild Mouse ride, but we would settle for sharing a Ferris Wheel with our many guests.

I married again at age 50, so I may not ever see a 50th anniversary, but I hope you will post your plan for yours in the Comments.

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