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Enjoy Being Married for a While

bridebouquet.jpgLike many bloggers, I have several Google Alerts delivering me stories daily. One of my standing queries is for mentions of my marriage resource website, Enjoy Being Married. This one also sends me lots of marriage announcements of big-time and local celebrities.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo "are probably going to enjoy being married for a bit," says reporter Julia Bodeeb.

From a blog: "What's next for you as a couple? Right now we want to enjoy being married to each other."

Christine Bleakley, recently engaged to British footballer Frank Lampard, "made it clear she would want to enjoy being married for a while," in a June article by Rob Leigh in the Mirror.

Carrie Underwood, who married hockey player Mike Fisher, "just wants to enjoy being married for a while," according to reporter Kinsley Goldman.

What will put an end to all this enjoyment? I will let "ImgonnabeMrsC" answer, with her post on the discussion forum. "Although I would LOVE to have kids right away, it is just not in our budget yet! I think we are going to enjoy being married for a whole year, take 2 years to save and try in 3 !"

If you think it would be great to still enjoy being married after you become parents or financially responsible, I encourage you to visit You will find ebooks, podcasts, a newsletter, relationship video and book reviews, and even a self-study course for those who might enjoy being married while they launch a new business.

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