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Husbands and Sad Movies

Do you cry at sad movies? In an odd series of scientific studies in Israel, scientists have discovered that a chemical in women's sad tears literally turns men off.

The women's tears were collected while watching sad movies. Men were then given tears or saline solution to smell. Neither they nor the researcher applying the little pads to their upper lips knew which they got.

The men could not detect any difference in the smell. But the sad tears reduced their sexual arousal and, apparently, nothing else about them. They did not change their ratings of attractive women in photos as sad or empathetic. They did not increase the men's own sadness or empathy while watching sad movies, either.

But physiological indicators and even fMRI's of their brains agreed with their self-assessments: the women in the photos and movies aroused them less when the pads under their noses contained women's sad tears.

Curious, no? So, sad movies might be a really bad choice for your romantic date nights.

But what's the deal with make-up sex? Is stopping the tears a turn-on? Or are angry and hurt tears different from sad tears? And is the effect of women's tears on female partners any different? What do you think? Leave me a comment.

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