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Go Meet Your Friends for a Beer!

Agi Smith is interviewing folks going through divorce for the Huffington Post. Yesterday's interview was with a NJ man who now must fly to another state every other weekend to maintain a relationship with his 10-year-old son.

He says he absolutely, absolutely needs love in his life but oddly misses nothing about his marriage except what his son has lost. What he claims to like best about being unmarried is that he can meet friends for a beer after work, watch what he wants on TV, and listen to his choice of music.

We all need love in our lives. If you are lucky enough to still be married, please go meet your friends for a beer! Not to escape the person you pledged to love until death but to remain the person he or she pledged to love until death or to become a better one.

A sure route to a ruined marriage is to do what your mate wants and resent it. Diane Sollee of says habitual avoidance of conflict is the number one cause of divorce.

Should you change the music in your home or grab the TV remote? No. Try a couple of iPods while the two of you cook together or work on a jigsaw puzzle or polish your shoes. Record the shows only one of you likes, or find them on Hulu, and watch while the other is off at the gym or the supermarket. Or find a new shared hobby that's so much fun you don't even miss the TV.


Couldn't agree more, well written article.

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