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Why Be Married? Because Loving Feels Good


Have you even taken your husband or wife for a scary medical test or for surgery, chemo, or radiation? These are some of the longest days in a marriage, especially if you must sit in a waiting room, alone, wondering what’s happening. Usually, it’s a relief just to get through the day, but it will be days or weeks before you know what’s really happening and how much danger your...

Why Be Married? For the Grandkids


I am looking at photos of my grandkids today. I adore them, and they live far away, so I treasure the photographs I receive and our time on Skype video. The photos got me thinking of some of my male friends who fathered children with women they did not marry or women they divorced before the baby’s second birthday. One woman friend, too. She left her child in his father’s custody and...

Why Be Married? For the Creative Boost


Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably know I am totally wowed by Rachel Cornell, also known as the ProNagger. Her “nagging” and her tips, tools, and online support communities keep me on track with both my day job and my marriage writing. I can’t thank her enough. You may not know Rachel is married to a very accomplished painter, Matthew Cornell. His...

Why Be Married? Because I Can Handle Family Life


I found this new study interesting. I think a lot of men may, too. Makiki Fuwa of the University of Tokyo just published an analysis of data from the 2002 International Social Survey Programme that looks at women in 31 countries. She set out to learn whether cross-national differences in the association between women’s economic independence and their attitudes toward marriage could be...

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Why Be Married? To Fight Inequality


Today’s NY Times has a great analysis of the greatly increasing role marriage plays in class inequality in the U.S. Forty years ago, the top and middle income thirds had virtually identical family patterns: more than 95 percent of households with children in either tier had two parents in the home. I grew up very near the bottom of that middle income third, but I grew up with both my...

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I am a widow who got it right the second time. I have been sharing here since February 14, 2006 what I learned from that experience and from positive psychology, marriage research, and my training as a marriage educator.

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