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Why Be Married? To Die in Each Other's Arms

I loved this story on People Magazine's website.

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko met when they were both 8 years old, married 13 years later, and were buried together on their 75th anniversary last week. They were crazy about each other from the start, and they long hoped they would someday die in each other's arms.

They grew up in Connecticut, just outside New York City. They worked in New York City for the first three decades of their marriage, traveling the world. They lived together, healthy and happy, for forty-some years in San Diego, California.

Last year, Alexander's health went downhill after breaking a hip and Jeanette's followed. Every day, Jeanette held Alexander in her arms. Then, on June 17th, she insisted to their children that the date was the 29th, their 75th anniversary. They filled the room with balloons and flowers and celebrated the milestone with their parents. Later that day, Alexander died in Jeanette's arms. She asked him to wait for her, as she'd be joining him soon. And 24 hours later, she did.

They had loved each other for 88 years.


Ten top reasons he's the wrong husband. 1. Your 50-year old husband still calls his mother, mommy. 2. His mother go on the honeymoon so she can cook. 3. He calls his daughter, honey and you, honey#2. 4. His daughter threatens to kill you, he says "Everyone has to go sometime". 5. He wants you to pay rent. 6. His diamond is bigger. 7. His employer calls him a curmudgeon. 7. His 2nd marriage lasted 10 months. 8. You would rather get hit my lightening than kiss him. 9. His mother buys his underwear. 10. Records everything you say just in case he needs evidence in court.

Definitely sounds like a terrible husband, Anne!

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