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Why Be Married? For the Creative Boost

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably know I am totally wowed by Rachel Cornell, also known as the ProNagger. Her "nagging" and her tips, tools, and online support communities keep me on track with both my day job and my marriage writing. I can't thank her enough.

You may not know Rachel is married to a very accomplished painter, Matthew Cornell. His paintings can be found at Arcadia Fine Arts in NY and at Quidley & Co. in Boston and Nantucket. You should know this, maybe even take a peak at some of those marvelous paintings, before you read what follows.

Matthew's father, Donald, posted something yesterday on Rachel's Daily Nag Facebook page that brought tears to my eyes and yet another amazing answer to the question Why Be Married? I have been granted permission to share it with you.

For someone who was not given a perfect body you are the most uplifting, positive person I've ever known. You have helped Matthew in so many ways. He has talent to be sure, but he also has someone behind the scenes that won't let him not to believe in himself. Those who toil in the creative fields must have enormous confidence and passion for their work. Its different than those who draw a paycheck from the state. Matthew is only as good as his last painting. But he has you whispering in his ear these words we all love to can do're the best....its fantastic. I love you Rachel....the day you and Matthew met was a blessed day and together I hope you can share a wonderful life. God bless you both.

Why be married? For the creative boost...and for the love of the people who love your spouse.


Thank you so much for your site! I found it by searching for "why I am a jealous husband". I realized it is because I had not been assuming love; rather I had been searching for proof that I was wronged the most. This led me to suspicion and jealousy.

This post is exactly how I feel about my wife. She is my best friend and my source of inspiration and creativity. She shows me every day the power of not being afraid to try new things. I felt so much like the gentleman who posted above, that in a letter I wrote to my in-laws, I thanked them for allowing me to love their daughter. I feel a duty to them to make sure she is loved.

I have been inspired by your site and I have started a journal titled "When I start to have crazy thoughts about you". When I have a crazy irrational jealous thought, which used to lead down the path of petty anger and selfishness, I instead write 5 things that prove my wife loves me. After I am done I am able to move on with my day happy and rejuvenated. Where in the past my day would be clouded with wasted sad bitter feelings.

Thank you again!!!

Woo hoo! What a great way to make your marriage a whole lot more enjoyable for both of you!!

Patty, I am crying right now. This is so beautiful. I find this to be so true in our marriage. I know I would have been too scared to ever put my words out there if not for CJ. He also bought a new, expensive guitar only because I said he must! When the person you love wants to create (anything that is legal!), I say get behind them and cheer, cheer, cheer. Thank you for sharing this!

I love sharing sweet tears, Tammy. Marriage is such a gift.

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