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A Cure for the Frustrating Marriage

I'll be doing a half-hour workshop by telephone at 12:30 Eastern time on Saturday, February 10, 2018. It's free, and I invite you to join in.

A Cure for the Frustrating Marriage

Fed up with cleaning more than your share? Wondering what's so hard about putting the seat down? Wishing just once something would happen without you doing all the planning or making all the phone calls? Dying for some support for your dreams? Or more couple time? Or respect for what you do to bring in an income? Or maybe for just one thoughtful Valentine's Day gift?

Let me show you an easy approach to removing all these disappointments from your marriage or life partnership. Relationship skills don't come naturally, because most of them are counter-intuitive.

The oldest parts of your brain want to protect you from threats. They know strong relationships with other people provide lifelong protection. They also know someone this close to you can really hurt you in the moment. Tough, confusing choices made in split seconds, before you even have time to think about them. What you do next makes the difference between a frustrating relationship and a fantastic one.

Which one would you like?

This workshop is part of Barbara Sher's WriteSpeak Showcase, and it's one of 9 free workshops on Saturday. There are also lots of prizes being given away. Call-in instructions are here:

The time is 12:30 pm Eastern, 11:30 am Central, 10:30 am Mountain, 9:30 am Pacific, 8:30 am Alaska, 7:30 am Hawaii, 5:30 pm London, 6:30 pm Central Europe.

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