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Are Your Prescriptions Messing with Your Marriage?

Fascinating research findings:

Hope you find these research findings as fascinating and helpful as I do.


I never even thought about the emotional effects of prescriptions, but now some things make sense. Recently, I've had to take several new meds, including antibiotics, and I just feel out of whack, cranky & anxious.

Good to know it may not all be in my head. Thanks, Patty!

Sorry you're feeling so bad, Beth. Hope you won't need those antibiotics for long.

Interesting post. After my now-husband and I started dating 6 years ago, he was put on a low dose of Naltrexone - it has off label use for patients with fibromyalgia, Crohn's, inflammatory diseases, etc. That low dose of Naltrexone is what we give credit to for our "summer of love," as we fondly refer to the few months he was taking it. :) Our personal experience aside, it is so true that medications and health issues can impact how we see one another. He has long struggled with health issues, and at times I know the depression around that causes him to feel that he shouldn't be a partner to anyone at all, though he does love me and I him. Now that I'm in menopause, I struggle with our intimate relationship. We're both working through stuff -- and I can't tell you how much I appreciate having found your blog. I started reading a few weeks ago and it has sparked some great conversations between us.

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Mary. Crohn's, depression, and menopause have all been part of my journey, too. Very glad to have discovered some tools that work. And very happy to share them.

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