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Why Be Married? For the Ride

Today was a clear, autumn day in Pennsylvania. Perfect for a new experience. For the first time, I flew in a small, four-seater plane, a Cessna 172. In the pilot's seat was my husband, now in possession of a pilot's license after 40-some years of looking up at the sky and wishing.

As a child, I had frequented airports and looked up, too, with my parents, who both flew until they had kids. I didn't inherit their longing, but I had a blast seeing this semi-rural county, and the city of Philadelphia in the distance, from the air. I was also excited to share the culmination of a two-year learning journey--I had no idea how much one needs to know to fly today--and the accomplishment of a long held dream with the man I love.

I doubt I would ever have tried this on my own. It's one of the delights of marriage to try new things, especially in the comfort of a loving relationship, and I am so glad I tried this.


I am currently working on my ground school so that I can officially fly from the "Left Seat" soon. My pilot husband has let me fly from that side once before, but I typically sit on the right. It's a lot of fun doing the radio and following the landmark maps. It's one thing we are using to come together... since flying usually keeps us apart.

Sugar, that's great! Seeing how to use a situation to come together instead of bemoaning being kept apart is part of the art of a happy marriage.

How exciting that hubby has gotten his license! Good for both of you. I love to fly (especially in smaller planes) to see the patchwork-quilt look of the various farmers' fields, too. Puts us in perspective about how small we really are in this world.


Thanks, Beth. I always appreciate your comments.

What a wonderful accomplishment for your husband! And how wonderful that you were there to support him throughout his two year journey, you must be so proud. Congrats to the both of you!

Thanks, Alisa. Congratulations to you on your terrific marriage website.

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