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How to Have More Fun with Your Husband or Wife

Life falling into a rut? Finding yourself whining that you two don't do much any more? Some simple tips for more fun:

  • Invite or accept with enthusiasm.

  • Mentally rehearse what could go right, not wrong.

  • Give yourself time to shift gears before you go.

  • Be fully present while you're together.

  • Watch for moments you want to remember.

  • Savor the best parts of your time together later.

Activities that involve exercise, like dancing, swimming, skiing, skating, or climbing, hold the most promise of a good time. But a shared experience as observers of a great performance, like jazz, tango, film, opera, or a soccer game, can be pretty wonderful, too. Just leave your wet blanket in the laundry room, please.


One way we love to Savor the best parts of our time together later is by watching a slide show of photos we took of our antics. It never gets old, not for me anyhow!

I love it, CJ!

Mentally rehearsing a good time is a great idea. I would also suggest that you consider (without obsessing) things that might go a bit wrong and rehearse how you will respond in a positive way so that you can get back on the fun track.

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