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Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother's birthday is coming up shortly. Will you help me give her a great birthday gift?

She started a blog about alternative medicine and old-time remedies this year, and she's a really good writer, but she's not yet getting many comments. Unless you write a blog, you may have no idea how great those comments feel. Comments that ask a question are better than double fudge brownie ice cream. But even if you look and have nothing to say, it shows up as a beautiful multicolored spike in the visitor count and the number of pages visited.

The great photo in the blog's header is her at 85, at a timber framing class she took just to learn how. This year, she's taken up archery. Not so many years ago, we thought we were about to lose her, so the photo's pretty special to me. And so is she.

We're heading out now to celebrate her special day a bit early, so I'm sending this out to you. The link to her blog,, is up above. If I have timed it right, maybe she will see some comments before she sees I posted this. Thank you, my wonderful readers! Back to marriage topics tomorrow.


How great that your Mom is physically fit and mentally healthy! I can't help but think that if only my mother had made more effort to exercise and eat right, her physical and mental condition might be so much better today than it is. I know that we can't necessarily guarantee ourselves good health even by doing all the right things, but is certainly worth the effort. In any case, I am wishing your mother a very happy birthday, and have left her a comment.

I just stopped by your mom's blog and left a comment. Thanks for telling us about her blog. It looks interesting & I plan to read more of her past posts, as well as future posts.

Thanks, Lilian!

Stopped by your mom's blog the other day and wished her a happy birthday.

She's such a great role model for enthusiastic living.

No shortage of opinions and the self-esteem to express herself.

It was a pleasure to exchange comments with her.

Thanks, Winifred! You and all the others who commented really made her day special.

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