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Date Night in the Afternoon

You and that guy or gal you married need time to laugh and play and have fun, time when you do not talk about work or the kids or whether to replace the clutch or the car.

Often, when play is an option, we drag along children or friends. So go twice if you must, but get out and have some fun with your sweetie. Tickle each other's vagus nerves.

Here is some fun scheduled for next weekend:

I'll bet you know of more. Please share your recommendations in the comments.


Thanks so much for the reminder about HONK! I can walk there from my house. I'm still single, so I'll be taking just my dog, not a husband, but stimulating my vegal nerve will help me be open to meeting a guy. :-)

Roodle, you made my night with that great comment!!

Think of me while you're HONKING. In May of 1973, we and most of our guests walked from my first wedding at the Longfellow House to the reception at a Lutheran church on the other side of the square.

My husband was wearing a white, caped suit and long hair. I had the same shoulder-length hair and a three-tiered, ruffled, full-length white wedding dress. The pastor, Constance Parvey, had the same length and color hair and white robes. Everyone behind us was in colorful clothing with lots of hair. We quite accidentally arrived at the square right behind a parade with a wizard and jesters, so folks thought we were part of it and watched. Our photographer was crouched in a bush on a traffic island in the middle of it all, catching our impromptu parade for posterity.

HONK! started five years later, and I have never been there for it, but I think I would absolutely love it. Can't imagine a better place to find a fun-loving, dog-loving husband. Have fun and give us a report!

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