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I Love You, But I Am No Longer In Love With You

I have been writing up a storm in response to questions posted recently on an April 2012 blog post of mine: One Last Stand Before Divorce. I hope you will pay a visit if you're wondering about "I love you" vs. "I am in love with you." Also if you are separated and hoping to get back together again or on the verge of separating.

It's next to impossible to feel "in love" with someone you resent. But if you love them, it's well worth working on the resentments and on micro-moments of positivity resonance.


I remarried my spouse I find as much as things have changed they still remain the same . He no longer cheats but still puts his needs and wants first before me or our marriage

Can you provide some examples, J? There may be some I can help you with. Others may just help answer some of the men who cannot figure out what their women want.

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