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We Just Grew Apart

That is what many people say when their marriages die.

Every day, you have a choice. Grow together or grow apart.

If you would like to grow together, find new things to do together that use the top strengths each of you brings to the marriage.

Have you tried cooking classes? An internet business? A garden? Building a canoe? Hiking the Appalachian Trail? Backpacking across China? Buying a pair of spinning wheels to enter sheep to shawl competitions? Rebuilding a car? Volunteering at your local hospital, soup kitchen, or Habitat for Humanity project? Writing each other love notes? Singing karaoke?

Pick one that lets each of you shine and feel like you at your best, and it just might entwine your lives, so you don't grow apart.


great ideas! we really like listening to live music together and going to bookstores.

Thanks. Those are both great ways to grow together.

My husband and I did grow apart for a time. We were "really great roommates" and loved each other but we were kind of living separate lives. Well we have turned all of that around, Thank God! but two things I started to do for him are : sending him a daily email of the joys I have experienced over the last 24 hours (he features in them prominently now) and I have begun to put me heart into cooking and broadening both of our palates. We also share date nights and we create memories by doing a variety of things on our dates.

Also wanted to thank you for your blog.

Thank you, Barbara! I am so glad you enjoy this blog and even happier that you shared your own turnaround with all who read it. You have given many of them hope and a few ideas that may work for them, too.

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