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Daffodil Days

Today, the daffodils in my front yard bloomed. So did the hillside of daffodils at the home of a friend well west of me. She called to tell me. Daffodils bloomed well east of me in New Jersey today. My artist friend posted a photo online.

It is a gorgeous day, with a light breeze and a temperature more often enjoyed in May than four days before St. Patrick's Day.

I left my car at the Post Office and just started walking around Doylestown. It's a great place to live. And this is a beautiful day.

As I walked, I thought about what a difference it makes to receive better than we expect. The sky is so blue. The breeze feels wonderful. There are puffy white clouds in the sky and blooming things again in the dirt. But if we woke up to this day in May, we might notice the bare trees and the diminished quality of the sunlight. By then, we might even be annoyed by the birds, all of whom are announcing their return today and, I suspect, choosing mates.

And you know what? Marriage is quite a bit like weather. When you expect less than you get, it's wonderful. When you expect more, it's not.

Today is beautiful if you feel the breeze, recall the heavy coat you needed so recently, and watch the daffodils bloom. It's not nearly as beautiful if you focus on the dead grass or the leafless trees. But today, we don't expect leaves or grass. Thank goodness.

Enjoy being married.


I agree great post. Weather can be quite like a marriage/relationship.

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