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10 Alternatives to "Let's Do Something Together"

When your husband or wife has settled in to watch TV or answer emails is a terrible time for "Let's do something together." And any time is a terrible time for "We never do anything together." Here are some alternatives you might want to try.

  1. I want to take you to dinner tonight. Does Chinese or Mexican sound better?

  2. It's a beautiful sunny day out, and I'm headed down to walk along the river. If you're free, it would be so much fun to share this walk with you.

  3. There's a jazz trio at the place around the corner tonight. Feel like going out after dinner?

  4. After this show ends, can I talk you into watching the movie Our Idiot Brother together? It came today.

  5. Let's put on some music and dance until the game starts.

  6. There's no rain forecast for Saturday, and we have a choice of three outdoor festivals we can take the kids to, Medieval, strawberries, and foods of the world. You up for any of them?

  7. What was your favorite date from before we got married? Let's relive it this Friday night. We have some really great times together, don't we?

  8. I want to try something we have never done before. I narrowed it down to three. One is a hot air balloon chase at sunset. Another is watching a professional jai alai game. And the third is a massage class. I would love it if you could pick one that sounds worth trying.

  9. I challenge you to a game of Scrabble. When is a good time for it today?

  10. You look like it was a really tough day. Would you like a back rub?

The trick is to be specific, considerate, and enthused.


These are wonderful suggestions. I will try a few of them. In addition, they will help me come up with some of my own ideas.

I hope you will share some of them, Lilian. Hundreds of people read this blog every day and most are hungry for ways to get their own marriages on a better path. Let's add to these ten!

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