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Why Be Married? For a 70th Anniversary

A New Zealand couple, Margaret and Allan Alexander, celebrated their 70 wedding anniversary on October 4th. Both are in their 90s.

They met in 1937 and married in 1941. A month after marrying, Allan went off to fight in WWII. A bomber pilot stationed in England, he was unable to return home for three long years.

It was a huge test for a new marriage, one faced by many couples who married in 1941. Allan flew 27 night missions over Germany in a Stirling bomber. In one five-month period, his squadron lost 39 aircraft, with a crew of 7 in each one. He says he survived by becoming one with his machine.

Back home, Margaret could do nothing but wait for his return and the resumption of their marriage. She said the separation was "dreadful." Finally, he was back. They raised three children together and retired almost 30 years ago.

Thanks to the Kapiti Observer for the Alexanders' story.

Most folks today are marrying too late in life to reach their 70th anniversary. Many are saying marriages ought to be temporary, because 5 or 7 or 12 years with one person is plenty. For me, though, the idea of spending my 90s with someone who has known me and stood by me for seven decades sounds like pure heaven.


Oh I love this, Patty. I must say that trying to imagine 70 years of marriage is a stretch for me.

Robert and I are at 27, and when we celebrated 25 we made a plan for the next 25 years (till 50). That's as far as my brain will go... ;-)

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