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Why Did You Get Married?

loveblanket.jpgI ask only because forgetting the answer got me into so much trouble, really made me miserable. Almost ended my marriage.

Twice, I got married because I was really in love with someone who was really in love with me. I loved the feeling of being loved. And I especially liked how I felt about me when I was loving someone I really admired.

I have hired painters, snow shovellers, trash removers, lawn mowers, bug killers, investment advisors, and oil changers. I have paid cooks and chefs to feed me when I don't feel like cooking and drivers to drive me when I am too tired to drive. I have had live-in child care helpers, laundry washers, and mantle dusters.

Some were very, very good. None would have broken my heart to lose. I did not marry to save money on them or to have them on call every day.

I married for love. And when I remember this, our relationship is even better than when we first decided to marry. Everything else is lagniappe.



Completely new word to me. :)

Now that I've looked it up, I see that adding to my vocabulary on top of providing an excellent blog post is lagniappe in and of itself. Meta FTW!

Thanks, Patty. Have a great day!

It's a wonderful word, isn't it? I picked up the word (pronounced lan-yap, it means a little extra bonus, like the extra donut in a baker's dozen) and the practice while living in New Orleans, because it made life so much fun.

I do agree with you. Nice article and keep in touch ;)

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