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Why Be Married? To Share the Load

Last night, I read this article in my alumni news about Lita Nelsen, MIT's Director of Technology Licensing. She and her staff negotiate between faculty members, including Nobel Laureates, and the companies seeking to use their inventions. She graduated MIT ten years before me, when there were even fewer women in her class, only 22, so I know she must be pretty tough-skinned.

It was the last paragraph that made me smile. She is "especially proud of building a successful career while also raising two children...and staying happily married" to MIT grad Don Nelsen. Her secret? She says, "You marry the right guy who shares the load."

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Absolutely true. Sharing workload not only physically but also mentally. Its the metal support that will go long way apart from physical sharing.. Marriages loose value because of the self centric personalities. Once we start realising the benefit of sharing..I think personally the marriages can help our careers too...

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