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For Better or for Worse? Married to a Prisoner

For better or for worse? In sickness or in health? How about at home or in prison? How do you sustain your marriage while one of you serves time?

I had never really thought about this question until the radio show Hip Hop Justice followed me on Twitter. Now I will get to discuss the topic on the show with its host, A. Scott Washington, J.D., an expert in restorative justice and the re-entry of former prisoners to their families, communities, and neighborhoods.

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/23) at 8 pm EDT at or on 94.9 FM in New York's Hudson Valley. The show is on from 7 to 9 pm EDT. I will be on around 8 pm.

Dr. Washington grew up in LA and joined the Crips Street Gang at age 13, has been convicted of multiple felony offenses, and began the rehabilitation process 21 years ago. Today he is Program Chair and Assistant Professor of the Criminal and Social Justice Program at the University of St. Francis in Joliet Illinois.

Please add your comments below right away to share your experiences with a spouse's or parent's time in prison or the county jail. Or with keeping your marriage strong while living apart for a military deployment, career move, or schooling. If you want your comment kept private, just mention this, and I will not publish it.

I share Dr. Washington's goal of restorative justice, repairing the harm caused by crime, and his goal of re-entry of former prisoners to their families, communities, and neighborhoods.

The phone-in number for this music and talk radio show is (815)768-4883.

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