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Women Outearning their Husbands

The recession hit men's jobs harder than women's. As a result, a trend we were already experiencing increased even faster. Wives found themselves the main — or only — income earners for their families. And many men found themselves in the awkward or happy position of being provided for, perhaps for the first time since they left home.

Did it happen in your home?

We see ourselves and our mates differently when the rules change, but differently need not mean negatively. Keep looking for every opportunity for gratitude. It will strengthen your marriage. Unmarried women need to work, too; pay close attention to the non-financial blessings of having a mate when the weight on your shoulders feels heavy. All men find it tough to be out of work or earning less; when you feel frustrated, take note of how much easier life is with a partner and how many other reasons your wife has to respect the man she married.

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