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Why Be Married? For the Shopping

Last night's cold rain kept most sane folks at home, but we needed food. Neither of us felt motivated to do it solo, so Ed and I went to the supermarket together. We shopped efficiently. He kept us moving briskly. I made sure we didn't miss any staples or overlook a buy one get one offer on anything we bought. We each got only half as wet loading the bags into the car and carrying them up the flight of steps in front of our home. When we had it all put away, instead of the self-satisfaction of a chore completed, we felt the bond of us-satisfaction and gave each other a hug.


I love how you love each other!


My grocery shopping experience has been the same as you described. When my husband and I go together it feels like a date. When we shop alone it feels like a chore. (And it is the only shopping that we can do together!)

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