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Loves Me... Loves Me Not...

This website is for anyone who's ever wondered if their husband, wife, or life partner really meant that "I do" or whether they are still loved today. It's for everyone who's found a partner but still battles with unmet needs, unresolved conflicts, and questions of what's fair and what's not.

I learned a few things when I lost my first husband. First, marriage does not require hard work. Second, it seldom benefits from compromise. Third, knowing how to communicate is not enough. I hope to explain myself more over the coming months.

My goals: happier marriages, fewer divorces. For all of us, even the folks who can't or won't get a marriage license. One partner we can count on for the rest of our lives. One family our kids can count on for the rest of their lives.


Patty, this site is beautiful. I love the daisy, waiting to have its petals pulled but probably destined not to be pulled because you are doing an end run around the guesswork. Thanks for starting this site; I'm sure it will benefit many.

Anna (Day Owl from the Sherboards)


Thanks for sharing your love! Your understanding, generosity, insight, patience, wisdom and humor make this site an extension of your beautiful soul. It is a gift to all, and I am moved to have been a personal recipient of your special touch.



This is terrific! I'm so glad you are sharing your hard-earned wisdom. I should have known that it would be in the geeky form of a blog ;)


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