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Feel "In Love" Today

Remember that feeling? The one where you feel warmth near your heart and your rib cage opens up a bit as you read a love letter or look into the eyes of someone you're falling in love with?

That is the rush of oxytocin and the stimulation of your vagus nerves. It doesn't just feel great. It also improves your heart's health and helps fight off inflammatory diseases, but only if you're feeling it often. Like a few times a day often. And the more you feel it, the more oxytocin you release. And the more oxytocin in your body, the easier it is to feel it.

You need this. Your husband or wife or partner in life needs it. "I love you" is not enough. You need "in love with you," too.

Need a refresher course in how? Read Micro-Moments of Positivity Resonance, my March 12th blog post.


I needed this today. 3 months ago my husband asked for a divorce, throwing me into a tailspin of emotions. Through the tears, true physical pain quickly manifested. My heart is actually breaking and test after test is showing my body failing me. Your blog has helped me achieve more emotional peace with our relationship and helping me communicate with love rather than anger and resentment. At this point, it is my body that needs to hear and feel the "I love you" as well. While focusing on creating changing in my relationship with my husband, I forgot to love myself. Thank you for the reminder.

Dee, I am so sorry for your pain and very glad the blog post helped.

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