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How to Stop Poking Your Spouse

Drs. Pat Love and Steven Stosny, authors of How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It, gave a great webinar this past Sunday.

Ever wondered how just keeping quiet could make your mate anger or look so hurt? Or how sharing what's upsetting you could make your spouse defensive or even aggressive? Stosny and Love gave great a great explanation and tips on how to avoid such upsets in the future.

If you missed it, I got you a second chance. Dr. Stosny gave me permission to make the recording of the entire webinar available to you in movie form. Click on that link to download it as a .zip file. After you uncompress (unzip) the file, usually by double-clicking on it, you will have a .wmv file that should play automatically in Windows Media Player or QuickTime when you double-click on it.

At the end, they overview some upcoming webinars. To get on the mailing list for these, visit Dr. Stosny's Compassion Power website.

Let me know in the Comments whether you enjoyed this webinar and want more.


Hi Patty,
I have appreciated the work of Drs Love and Stosny and have used their concepts in counseling with couples. I had not heard the webinar, so thank you for posting it on your site. Also, I'd like to point out that on Dr. Stosny's website There is a very helpful set of articles for anyone who is noticing that contempt is coming (or has come) into their relationship. The articles are at the bottom of the compassionpower home page, and start with "Free Marriage Therapy Tool." For anyone who is truly open to correcting a bad pattern, these tips can be extremely helpful.
Also, I have referred several clients to your website, Patty. Thank you for sharing the valuable learning that you acquired through your life experience.

Thank you for sharing this, Cindy, and for sending folks to

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